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Suzuki RM-Z250 2016

2016-06-07 20:55 MX Reviews 1755

Suzuki has cooked up a completely new 250F for 2016 – it has a new frame, new motor, and new suspension – yet the bike retains the old plastic. It’s like Suzuki didn’t want to flaunt the changes, they just wanted to deliver the performance.

Oxford RP-2 Gloves

2016-06-07 20:45 Reviews 1080

These are a good-looking, cheap pair of sporty summer gloves. And while the price may suggest a few corners have been cut it’s actually quite hard to find fault with them. They are made from aniline leather and feel light and supple, yet thick enough to instill confidence.

Victory Octane (2016)

2016-06-07 20:33 MC Reviews 1219

Before its unveiling the Octane was hyped as the first of a new breed of high-performance machine from Victory, which has been repositioned as the brand of “American muscle” following its owner Polaris’s takeover of the more heritage-focused Indian, which also produces all-American V-twins.

Yamaha Aerox Review

2016-06-07 20:08 MC Reviews 3675

The Yamaha Aerox 50cc is a fun and powerful motor scooter. It is the whole package. It is powerful enough to provide the fun that you are looking for, yet it provides the fuel efficiency you may be dreaming about.

2016 CSC RC3 Review

2016-06-07 19:30 MC Reviews 644

What do you think of when you hear “Chinese motorcycle?” Cheap, ugly, and under-performing? Those observations would be largely correct, as the majority of Chinese motorcycles to come to these shores (that’s the United States, for our international readers) were exactly that. Let’s face it: the words “Made In China” aren’t held in high regard.

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