Honda CB350F SOHC Carburetors

Came off of a running 1973 Honda CB350F four cylinder. All jets and apertures are clean and open. The slides move smoothly in the bore. No stuck floats.  Missing main jet retainer, easy to replace.  Broken float pin post on carb #4, does not affect float function.  These carbs require normal adjustment to the bike they are going on.

This part is used.  That means it is subject to all of the wear and age that any used part will or may have.  It is not "new" and I am not trying to pass it off as such.  Feel free to ask questions about its condition.  MOST OF THE PARTS THAT I SELL ARE USED and the buyer accepts all responsibility for that.  I inspect them to the best of my ability.  All sales final, however if you have a problem with these items PLEASE feel free to let me know. Buyer is responsible for fit.


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